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Aftercare – Looking after your hair extensions.

General Aftercare

o Your newly installed hair extensions should not be washed for at least 48 hours to allow the bonds to fully harden.

o When sleeping you should always wear your hair in a loose plait.

o Never got to bed with wet hair

Washing your Hair
o Whilst wearing extensions you should be washing your hair a maximum of 3 times per week

o Before every wash separate each bond and make sure hair is tangle free

o Avoid any shampoo and conditioner that contains silicone, which most high street versions do contain professional hair products are the only ones recommended for your hair extensions.

o Do not scrub the hair or bonds- rub thoroughly but gently into the scalp and smooth the shampoo down the length of the hair

o Conditioner should only be applied on the lengths and ends- never near the bonds

o Never wash your hair extensions over a sink or bath- in the shower is ideal
Drying your hair.

o Fully dry the bonds using a cool setting on your hairdryer. Never leave bonds to dry naturally

o Section and blow-dry avoiding harsh tugging/pulling

o You can straighten/curl and tong the extension hair as you would your own again avoiding harsh tugging/pulling

o Do not towel dry hair with a rubbing action- pat dry only

o Use a medium heat setting if available

Brushing your hair
o Avoid ball tip hair brushes, a specialist extension brush is highly recommended

o Ensure you support the bonds while brushing

o Brush hair from tips slowly working your way up to avoid breakage

o In intense sunlight or sunbeds, wrap hair in a towel to protect the hair and bonds.

o Your hair extensions should never have contact with chlorine water or sea water

o If you have a very active lifestyle (sports/exercise) tie hair back for activities and try to avoid excessive washing.

o If having a spray tan, put hair in a towel or shower cap.

o Avoid hair to skin contact when wearing fake tan as tan can discolour your hair extensions.