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Ultrasonic Cold Fusion

Ultrasonic Cold Fusion

Ultrasonic cold fusion hair extensions are one of the newest most modern methods of hair extensions available.

This method does not require Heat to attach the strands.

Ultrasonic cold fusion hair extensions are attached to your hair using pre-bonded strands, the bonding is made up of keratin resin, which is a natural protein found in human hair.

The Bonding is softened using a machine which emits hi-tech ultrasonic waves. The technician then forms the softened bond to create a seal around small sections of the natural hair.

The seals are then folded to achieve a flat and discreet connection for a comfortable, virtually undetectable bond.
Unlike silicone based glues which are difficult to remove and may damage the natural hair, keratin resin is easily removed causing no damage to your own hair.
More practical and long lasting than most methods, ultrasonic cold fusion hair extensions should last around 3-4 months with correct maintenance.


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